Hello 👋 I'm Elena Torro, a software developer with a passion for technology.

About 📌

Elena Torro Profile

Multimedia Engineer born in Murcia, a Region in Spain where you can find delicious lemons and beautiful arid landscapes. I love experimenting with web technologies, that's one of the reasons why I've joined the Frontend Team at CARTO. I also enjoy water sports, playing the ukelele and writing science fiction stories, between others. While trying not to spend too much time on the Internet, I'm always seeking for new activities and adventures.

I'm also interested in many other fields, such as:

  • 🎨 Creative Technology
  • 🙌 UX & HCI
  • 🎓 EdTech & e-learning
  • 🔓 Open Source
  • 🤝 Team Work
  • 💡 Ethical Technology

Projects 👩‍💻

These projects are a visual excerpt of my personal and open source work.

If you want to know more, please take a look to my resume

Think Of Your Users

Ironhack Final Project


Web application that provides tools for UX Designers to develop Use Cases, User Requirements, Scenarios, Personas, Card Sorting and Conduct Task Analysis.

Ruby on Rails Bootstrap UX HCI PostgreSQL
Think Of Your Users Screenshot Think Of Your Users Screenshot Think Of Your Users Screenshot

Memory Game

Responsive game


Simple game using EmberJS than can be used as a boilerplate.

Materialize SASS Ember Web Design
Memory Game Screenshot Memory Game Screenshot


BSc Final Project, University of Alicante.


Edulearn15 paper Video Demo

Online tool to learn advanced Spanish using gamification and NLP tools.

Angular 1.x NodeJS MongoDB Web Design e-learning
Playlingua Screenshot Playlingua Screenshot Playlingua Screenshot

Phoenix Toolkit

CSS Toolkit


Phoenix Toolkit Screenshot Phoenix Toolkit Screenshot Phoenix Toolkit Screenshot Phoenix Toolkit Screenshot


University Project

Team project


Premios Impulso

System to gather and analyze data from your garden.

Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Bootstrap WebGL Arduino Python
Domofera Screenshot

React & Redux MIDI Player

Personal project to learn React and Redux.


React Redux SASS MIDI
MIDI Player Screenshot

Talks 🎤

  • Introduction to UX (GDG Murcia 2014)
  • AngularJS & Ruby on Rails (Betabeers Murcia 2015)
  • UX & Agile (Agile Alicante 2015)
  • User Interfaces through the Ages (Codemotion 2015)
  • MIDI & Redux (Murcia FrontEnd 2017)
  • Redux through music (JSDayES 2017)

Contact 💌

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